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Welcome to the Uniswap V3 LP Ultimate positions dashboard. Read about our calculation methodology and LP insights
For testing, calculations for WETH-APE 0.3%, WETH-IMX 1%, WETH-PEPE 0.3%, WETH-PEPE 1%, WBNB-USDT 0.3% and BTCB-WBNB 0.05% pools are available
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Only WETH/APE 0.3% and WETH/IMX 1% pools are available for FREE accounts
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Liquidity distribution
Range bounds
Volume 29d
Days for backtest
Price low — Price high (default 28d)
Δ Volatility
Δ Pool volume 24h
Fees 24h
Month 28d fees
Volume watchlist
Check pools trading volume and TVL for the last 60 days
Daily volume
Transactions120 hours / 5 days
Hourly transactions data for the last 120h. Check volume at your local time
Transactions per hour
Select pool...
Top pools3 days
Uniswap most profitable pools (excl. ETH stablecoins, WBTC and 0.01, 0.05 ETH tiers)
Data for 3 days including today. It does not correlate with the data for 3 days in the calculator above, because it takes 3 days not including today. The volatility range is taken as MIN and MAX for 3 days. Tested deposit – $10,000 TVL > – $100,000
Popular pools
Most popular pools within opened LP positions
Positions with liquidity and price "In range" only. Excluded ETH stablecoins, WBTC and 0.01, 0.05 ETH tiers
Liquidity add & remove4 days
Latest added & removed volume to the liquidity pools
The difference in added and removed liquidity in 4 days. Excluded liquidity for ETH stablecoins, WBTC and MEV bots activity

Unusual pools volume3 days
Unusual pools activity monitor
Today's pool volume 3x more than the average of the last 2 days. Excluded ETH stablecoins, WBTC and 0.01, 0.05 ETH tiers

How do we calculate the data?

We recommend reading the Uniswap V3 Whitepaper to understand the concept of concentrated liquidity. This information assumes that you are familiar with the terminology and key concepts related to providing liquidity. Generated fees in LP positions depend on the average pool volume and total value locked (TVL) during the period when the position was in range. You can choose a period of 28, 7, 3 or 1 days (excluding today) to calculate your position, and the calculation will only include the average volume and TVL that were present on the days when the price was within your position. This allows for more precise fee calculation than using the average for multiple days. This method is also used when calculating the monthly fee. In some cases, it may be more profitable to set a narrow range of volatility but receive a higher percentage of profit, despite the excluded days.
You can also choose to calculate the position for today, but keep in mind that today's volume and TVL may not be complete and may change throughout the day.
Each slider step corresponds to the corresponding price tick, providing greater accuracy when calculating and creating positions (excluding ETH stablecoins)

Main chart

The blue bars in the background show the distribution of liquidity in the pool across all price ranges. The colored vertical lines represent your price range boundaries on the liquidity distribution curve. The horizontal lines represent the price chart and your price range boundaries. The gray bars represent pool volumes for 29 days. Using the slider, you can fine-tune the price range to achieve maximum profitability for your deposit. The "Create Position" button takes you to Uniswap and helps you create a position with the selected parameters.

Liquidity density

Click on the arrow to the right in the Deposit window for dynamic liquidity density calculation window
Pools have varying liquidity densities, which decrease as the volatility range of the price boundaries narrows. It may be important to calculate the rate of return based on the size of the deposit and the pool's liquidity density. This information is dynamic and can change when the price range boundaries are altered

Uniswap positions

This is real positions data from Uniswap. You can compare the real return with the calculated one
Position data is ID, volatility, price range, 24h fees in % and in USD from the amount of current liquidity. Current liquidity and its change in %. When you deposit tokens into a position, they have a value that changes over time due to the price volatility of those tokens. These changes are reflected in % next to each position's liquidity.
PnL is the total change in the value of a position including the change in the USD value of liquidity + earned fees
You can click on the price range to set this data (as well as the deposit amount) in the calculator

Volume watchlist

Watchlist to monitor your pools for changes in daily trading volume and TVL. The data is shown on the chart for 60 days. You can add a maximum of 16 pools


This chart displays hourly transactions for the last 120 hours (5 days). Many pools are popular in different countries and have bursts of activity at different times. You can track the hours when the maximum volumes occur according to your local time

Top pools

Very powerful simulation of fee calculations on all available Uniswap pools. We take 3 days of data for ALL pools and run a fee calculation simulation. Price range boundaries are set as MIN and MAX price for 3 days, test deposit amount is $10,000. This can give you incredible insights and returns, however remember that many tokens are not safe investments and you should always DYOR
Important! This data is taken for 3 days including today. But the calculator uses data for 3 days not including today. You may be disappointed when you do not get the same data. This is necessary because you don't want to find top pools that were profitable yesterday

Liquidity add & remove

The difference in added and removed liquidity in 4 days. Excluded liquidity for ETH stablecoins, WBTC and MEV bots activity. We check the pools where liquidity was added and removed. The difference in liquidity allows you to understand which pools are popular at the moment

Unusual pools volume

Pools where today's trading volume is at least 3 times higher than the average volume for the past 2 days. We do not include ETH stablecoins, WBTC and the 0.01, 0.05 tiers as they are less profitable

Popular pools

Most popular pools within opened LP positions with liquidity and price In range. We take the first 1000 positions that are currently in range and display the most popular pools they are in


Only WETH/APE 0.3%, WETH/IMX 1%, WBNB/USDT 0.3% and BTCB/WBNB 0.05% pools are available without registration and for free accounts. After registration you will have 1 hour FULL access for testing. Then you have to upgrade your account. 1 month — $29.99 in ETH, 3 months — 3 x $24.99 in ETH, 12 months — 12 x $19.99 in ETH


We allow a maximum of 2 devices to be used to log into an account. Sometimes your device ID may change if you upgrade your OS or for other reasons. If you can't login to your account from your device, please contact us via Discord and we will solve the issue


All data provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Data received from the Uniswap subgraph may be incorrect. This is not financial advice of any kind and you should always DYOR